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Voice of Customer

A voice of customer platform was required at Amara involving site intercepts and email invite surveys. The following areas where recognised as key points of the customer experience  with insufficient qualitative data:


  • Explore & Browse – customer visiting the website, browse a number of product pages, but doesn’t add anything into their bag.
  • Cart Abandon – customers who have item(s) in their bag, but don’t complete their purchase
  • Overall Website Experience – general feedback on using the website
  • Post Purchase – feedback on the end-to-end journey once a product has been dispatched to a customer
  • Returns– feedback on the return process


Since launching CX surveys, Amara is now able to create data driven decisions across the entire business based on customer insight. Through a closed loop process, NPS scoring has risen, allowing customer service to resolve customer frustrations.


This project was built up of: User Research + Analysis, Sketching, Wireframing, Prototyping, UI design.


Further information available on request.