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The aim of the project was to create a best-in-class bag to checkout experience with performance greater than the IMRG retail average (reduce bag drop off rate to under 60% with a checkout drop off rate of less than 30%).


Stage 1 – Immersion: UX Audit uncovered usability issues, reviewed existing checkout to understand motivations and behaviours and uncover valuable new insights. Competitor analysis and cross referencing the Baymard Institute Checkout report provided valuable insight and impacted how I created a frictionless checkout flow.


Stage 2 – Ideation: Focus groups were tasked to reposition key information found within a standard checkout to create their ideal checkout flow. Using this information, multiple design approaches where explored to find the best viable solution: One page, Multi page & Accordion. Purely wireframes at this stage to concentrate on achieving the best flow rather than design specifics. Usability testing carried out internally to uncover any potential pain points, any behavioural issues and how the user felt throughout the process.


Stage 3 – Impact: Test plan written to cover areas of the checkout process that were of concern and any tasks that may difficult. Multiple rounds of user testing were carried out, with different scenarios of new and existing customers, testing different checkout flows based on their chosen delivery and payment method. Recording feedback continuously to analyse afterwards and produce further iterations.


Further information available on request.